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Luckily, It Wasn’t Rained Out
Tifton, Ga., is known as The Reading Capital of the World. Now it may be known as The Eating Capital of the World since local merchants celebrated the end of the local YMCA summer camp by making the world’s longest sundae for the 60 kids. A newly fabricated 30-foot rain gutter from the local home center was filled with about two dozen gallons of ice cream and topped with gallons of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The YMCA’s Misty Montgomery told kids to “pace yourselves” as they dug in. “They’ll always remember this,” she told reporters. (Tifton Gazette) ...A rain gutter, eh? So it’s official: our kids are now such pigs they’re starting to eat out of troughs.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 13