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Dumb Sheetz
Michael Sucec, a self-described “street preacher” from Harrisburg, Pa., filed a complaint with the Derry Township supervisors over a billboard. The ad, for a restaurant called Sheetz, promoted the “Crispy Frickin’ Chicken” sandwich. The word “frickin’” is a “euphemism for fornication,” Sucec claimed, waving a Bible at the supervisors to stress his indignation. No one else in the Sheetz service area had complained. The Sheetz family, which owns the restaurant chain, says their billboards are meant to be humorous, and noted that the promo was ending within days anyway. “We don’t feel or believe that that’s humorous whatsoever,” Sucec told the supervisors. “Do you believe this is humorous?” (Lebanon Daily News) ...Well, no — not nearly as humorous as someone billing himself as “street savvy” giving the restaurant so much frickin’ publicity.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 14