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Great Escapes II
After being sentenced to 10–18 years in prison for a robbery in Charleston, W.Va., Robert A. Hill, 25, tried to escape from a regional jail by greasing himself up and squeezing through a small window in his cell. He got one arm and his head through before getting stuck. It took four hours for jailers to free him. He was ordered to pay for the $3,500 in damage he did to the cell. Meanwhile, an unnamed 28-year-old inmate at a prison in Coimbra, Portugal, dug an escape tunnel, but made “a mistake in his calculations,” said prison spokesman Paulo Barbosa. The inmate emerged from the ground in a courtyard, still well within the prison’s walls. The robber also tried to escape in 1996 but failed that time, too. (AP, AFP) ...Wait for foolproof new step-by-step instructions, coming soon in “Martha Stewart Living” magazine.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 11